We hate to break it to Ana Navarra, but plenty of elected officials will be among the first to get the COVID vaccination. And no amount of raging and throwing a fit over privilege will make one damn bit of difference.

Yeah, she’s all up in arms because LIKE OTHER ELECTED OFFICIALS, Marco Rubio has been vaccinated.

Look at this hot mess of ignorant:

Serious amounts of argle, bargle, and ara.

Told ya’.

Oh yeah, AOC got it too.

It is a teensy bit outdated.


Here’s the thing, do we necessarily disagree with Ana that politicians should go back further in the line to get vaccinated behind the elderly and frontline workers? No. BUT she is picking one elected official, one that is convenient to dunk on to feed her crappy agenda. If she were picking on other politicians who were vaccinated like AOC then eh … fine.

But pretending Rubio is the only one with privilege?

Heifer please.



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