Boy oh boy, we have spent a lot of time this week being lectured by the media for not showing DOCTOR Jill Biden the respect she supposedly deserves for being a doctor and stuff. Granted, the point most people were making is that she’s not really a DOCTOR but you know, Republicans are the big meanies even though the Left has spent the last four years tearing Melania Trump down.

It really is tiresome, especially when even Jill’s own students didn’t have the best things to say about the professor:

Interestingly enough, you can no longer rate Jill unless you’re a registered user.


We grabbed a few of the reviews because we’re givers that way:

Sounds like Joe’s speeches, no context.

Hey, they said Jill looks nice every day. That counts, right? And she simply doesn’t care about teaching.


They gave her an average score but called her a very bad teacher.

Worst English teacher at Nova.

But you know, shame on anyone who criticizes her and refuses to call her ‘doctor.’

EL OH EL. Right?! What is she teaching them?

Oh, that’s right.

Our bad.



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