Because you know, AOC thinks money grows on magical money trees in magical unicorn land where everyone magically taxes the magical rich and they magically don’t mind.

Imagine if she and others were pushing to just open the economy and put people back to work? But oh no, she is harping on the fact that after the original COVID relief package that our great, great, great-grandchildren MIGHT finally pay off, this new package we really can’t afford just isn’t enough.

She even did a nifty little poll.

Oooh, Hell no. How very edgy.

Gotta love watching her further fuel the divide on the Left.

Thanks, Sandy.


Yeah, that works.

How very revolutionary.

Ok, we’ve gotta say this. If you read through this entire thread you will need a shot of something stronger than COVID-infected Coca-cola because the number of entitled a-hole Americans demanding MORE money instead of pointing out that begging the government for a bigger handout is absolutely disgusting is pathetic. When did Americans grow so compliant with the idea of hoping the government will feed them this month since the big bad virus might make someone sick?

This is really and truly one of the saddest and quite frankly DUMBEST points in all of our history.

Seriously, look at this:




No, you need a job.

See what we mean?

C’mon man!



AYFKM?! Dr. David Samadi shares DAMNING video of Austrian parliamentarian testing something VERY different to prove what a joke rapid COVID tests really are (watch)