Restaurant owners are going to HAVE to push back … just like this.

Even today, Bill Gates babbled on about how restaurants and bars and small businesses may have to remain closed for perhaps months, even with the vaccine. Notice it’s always a-holes who have yet to go without a paycheck pushing the lockdowns like they’re a good idea.

Watching this thread on Nick the Greek in Ventura, CA is eye-opening.

In a HUGE way.

Show us the science that says eating outdoors spreads the virus.

We’ll wait.

Of course it’s unfair.

But Democrat governors don’t seem to give a damn.

Case in point:

Then watch what happens next:

We’re pretty sure they’re not going to pay his rent.

This is where it gets really good.

Get out of here, nobody wants you here.

Gosh, it’s like Americans just want to be left alone.

Whoda thunk?

We need so much more of this.

This might be a link to their restaurant where you might be able to find their menu and other ways to support them.





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