We suppose Jim Acosta needs to make the most out of what he assumes is left of the Trump administration and get some weak-a*s shots in at Kayleigh McEnany. If Trump truly is done in January, Acosta will go back to being just another irrelevant hack who covers the Democrat in the White House like any other water carrier in the mainstream media. He will no longer be the story anymore … wonder if his ego will be able to bear it.

Then again, Kayleigh really did hammer them today over Eric Swalwell and his ‘Gang Fang’:

Of course they didn’t ask her, they need to protect Swalwell at all costs.

It must’ve gotten under Jim’s shiny thin skin because he tried to pick a fight with her on her way out.

What sort of loser does this?

That’s a rhetorical question:

Not happening, Jim.

And he always will be.



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