Four years of Jill Biden playing the victim card … we’re getting too old for this crap.

You’d think by now Democrats would have figured out that identity politics are getting old but here we are. We can only assume Jill tweeted this because people have been pointing out she’s not really a ‘doctor’; she has her doctorate BUT not an MD.

If you ask this editor the whole argument is annoying but not quite as annoying as this nonsense Jill tweeted about women’s accomplishments:

The argument has nothing to do with Jill’s vagina and everything to do with the Left pretending the Right is diminishing Jill after they spent the last four years calling Melania Trump every name in the book.

Get over it, Jill.

We didn’t see a whole lot of people buying into her tweet, which is a win we’ll take.

Speaking of women whose accomplishments have been diminished … by the Left.


Always a classic.

Best. Gif. Ever.

Maybe in her little world? Eh, we dunno.

Just wait until Biden comes up with that COVID vaccine.


Psh, get outta here with common sense and reality.

Yeah, sorry. Go ahead and put that ‘muh sexism’ card away, Jill.

Sorry, ‘Doc’.



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