Since Twitter has not seen fit to verify Harvey Staub we can neither confirm nor deny if this person really is Harvey or even a pharmacist BUT his thread has gotten a lot of traction on Twitter so we thought we’d share it with you, dear reader, and let you decide for yourself.

This editor is a little spooked reading through … just sayin’.

Well into flu season.

You guys know anyone who has caught the flu?


Keep going.

Told you.

No Tamiflu.

What the eff?

He hasn’t sold any Tamiflu to pharmacies.



COVID is so dangerous it cured the flu? Hrm.

Ding ding ding.

Can we say ding ding ding again?

Because ding ding m-effing ding.

COVID is real.

But do the numbers make sense?

Is the panic worth it?

Is shutting down our country really the answer?



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