We have not written about this guy in FOREVER.

Probably a reason for that.

Michael Ian Black tried mocking conservative culture by playing stupid about what it looks like … at least we hope he’s not this stupid.

Conservative culture is really just about the government leaving people alone. Live and let live and do no harm. Small government, big people. Freedom of speech, freedom of though, freedom of religion.

Guess the whole thing is really based on freedom.

No need to complicate it.

We’re pretty sure Michael wouldn’t enjoy that.

No tears here.

You know, what’s fascinating (and by fascinating we mean really sh*tty) is the number of people on there feeding a stereotype that makes them feel better about themselves. Granted, that’s what Michael was doing with his tweet in the first place, mocking and talking down to a large group of Americans he doesn’t bother to try and get to know because then he might have to think for himself.

And we all know Hollywood sucks at thinking for themselves.


There ya’ go.

Hey, Michael asked.



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