If you read one more thing today, read the story about Eric Swalwell’s involvement with a female Chinese intelligence operative … and THEN read this nonsense where he claims a hurting American DM’d him about COVID relief.

You know, the same COVID relief Democrats have been blocking for months.

The same COVID relief Nancy Pelosi admitted she held off on for political reasons.


So let us get this straight. This person, whoever they are, messaged Eric because they were behind on their rent and counting on the stimulus to help catch them back up but when people offered to chip in and actually help them they said no and wanted to wait for the Georgia run-off? Risking homelessness and starvation to own the cons?

Yeah, we don’t buy this.

Not at all.


Remember when he made up the passenger on the airplane who thanked him for trying to impeach Trump?



And her blowouts.

Ya’ know, maybe Eric should just delete his account … yeah.



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