Wanting to withhold treatment from a COVID patient based on their politics … real nice, doc.

Notice his pretty, shiny blue checkmark.

Guess Twitter is good with this sort of tweeting and mindset.

But you know, the Right is filled with fascists and bigots and all that junk … or not.

Gosh, we can’t for the life of us figure out why so many people on the Right are resisting ‘uniting’ with these sweethearts on the Left. They’re so loving, tolerant, giving, and compassionate.

Looks like this picture from our friendly doctor is actually from several years back:

What sort of despicable human being does this? And for hate clicks and taps on Twitter?

Either way, it’s not a picture of people gathering during the pandemic.


There are no words.


But that doesn’t mean people on Twitter didn’t have plenty of them for the doctor:

We suppose MD could stand for ‘Major Dbag’?



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