We are seriously starting to think Jim tweets this nonsense because he likes people to drag him. That, or he’s just a self-centered, sanctimonious, vile toad in a neverending hot dumpster of awful we call the traditional media.

For example, Jim was tweeting about how he got his press pass back from the Trump WH just two years ago:

Interestingly enough, Jim left out why he lost his press pass.

Guess yanking a microphone away from a woman because you’re busy yelling at the president doesn’t make you look like such a brave warrior.

You remember, Jim, right?

We do.


NOT his best moment.


So very brave.

Dear Diary,

It was two years ago today that I showed those big meanie poop heads in the White House! Take that, big meanie poop heads!




We should mark Nov 16th as a holiday to honor Jim and his bravery.


They’re good at carrying water.

Too many.

But our actual guess is 8.

Yup. Jim Rosen and Sharyl Attkisson were actually SPIED ON, but hey, Jim got his press pass taken away for acting like a total jacka*s and then got it back so he’s super cool and stuff.


Time flies.



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