The most consistent thing we see in the media, other than the ORANGE MAN BAD narrative that seems to make its way into any and every story, is their constant tripping all over themselves to make some sort of melodramatic point about how Trump is the first to ever do ‘something’ and this ‘something’ is super offensive, abnormal, wrong, or stupid. Sort of the same flavor as ‘orange man bad,’ but more about behavior and norms.

For example, this thread from LA Times editor Jackie Calmes:

NOT normal.

See what we mean?

Keep going.

More than half of this country did not oppose Kavanaugh.

Maybe more than half of her vapid readers.

Ummm … about that staging.

As Mollie points out, a simple Google search would’ve helped her save so much face here.

But nope.

The answer is no, no they do NOT get tired of lying because there are no real consequences for said lies.

Next question.



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