We can’t help but notice an uptick in fear-mongering around COVID in the last week or so, which makes us wonder what other narratives have fallen through. They don’t address the actual number of hospitalizations or deaths, they just screech about the HUGE NUMBERS OF CASES … which as we all know have become nothing more than panic-porn.

Especially with CNN.

And speaking of CNN, it’s almost as if Richard Grenelle knows them really well or somethin’.

It’s not journalism.

It’s activism.


All day that.

Oooh, and this too.

That hasn’t kept some school boards from caving to the local education associations and keeping kids in virtual though.

Sad, right?

Normal life?



Now now, we can’t have that … if people are happy or living normal lives it makes Joe ‘Taking A Lid’ Biden a much harder sell.

And that’s the truth.

Nice try though, CNN.



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