Soooo … Putin is good now? What?

From NBC:

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday that he saw nothing criminal in Hunter Biden’s past business ties with Ukraine or Russia, marking out his disagreement with one of Donald Trump’s attack lines in the U.S. presidential election.

Putin was responding to comments made by Trump during televised debates with Democratic challenger Joe Biden ahead of the Nov. 3 election.

Trump, who is trailing in opinion polls, has used the debates to make accusations that Biden and his son Hunter engaged in unethical practices in Ukraine. No evidence has been verified to support the allegations, and Joe Biden has called them false and discredited.

Putin contradicted Trump.

But we thought Trump was Putin’s puppet or something?

Just when you think our media can’t get any dumber they surprise you time and time again.

This is all so confusing. EL OH EL.

Join the club.



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