Never Trumper and Bulwarker Amanda Carpenter says she is almost to the point of feeling sorry for pro-Trump media figures who are trying to carry Trump’s water. She also claims she has a clear conscience even though her ‘squad’ is pretty much carrying water for Biden, and his water is far more fetid than Trump’s.

Maybe she’s not seeing the news this morning?

Anyway …

She had to know she was just basically trolling, right? What, did she think people would pat her on her smug back and say, ‘Atta girl, you showed them!’

Because nope.

Anyone supporting Biden, especially if they claim they’re conservative in any way, should hardly have a clear conscience.

We sort of snort-laughed too.

Four more years of Trump will officially break these people ALTHOUGH let’s be honest, they desperately need him to win because otherwise, they are completely irrelevant.

And that.

Interestingly enough, we’re not seeing the Never Trumpers really talk about #BidenGate.

Gosh, that’s convenient.



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