If you needed more proof that The Lincoln Project is really nothing more than a bunch of overpaid trolls look no further than the tweet they tried to delete that basically peddled Iranian disinformation to hurt Trump. Because that doesn’t sound like election interference or anything.

Oh, wait.

Designed to intimidate voters, create social unrest, and hurt Trump.

Gosh, this sounds familiar. Like when they accused Trump of colluding with Russia?


It gets better.

So does this mean Twitter will lock The Lincoln Project’s account?

Asking for a friend.

That’s the new protocol, after all. *shrug*


They’d suspend any other account.


We did, right beside the giant, man-eating tarantulas.

Oh, we saved a copy for them too.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Trump isn’t just running against Biden.

Trump is running against the DNC, Iran, China, Russia, the media, Hollywood, teacher’s unions, etc.

And he can beat them.

And we haven’t forgiven either.

It’s the only way to really be sure.