COVID relief should be focused on helping Americans, not bailing out blue states or blue cities who quite frankly did ‘this’ to themselves. Why should relief for someone who lost their job be held up to pay for buildings that were burned out during some idiotic riot in Portland?

Makes no sense.

But it is the Democrats we’re talking about and they NEVER let a crisis go to waste.

Hawley said he would not support blue-state/city bail:

Makes sense.

Which is probably why Ted Lieu tried to pick a fight with him over it.

Boo flippity hooo, Ted.

It’s one thing to make sure all Americans get help across the country, it’s quite another to bail out cities who stood by and let jackas*es destroy statues and other property to prove they weren’t racist or whatever.

Hawley responded:

Taxpayers shouldn’t be stuck paying for ‘relief’ for bloated, broken Democratic cities.

Boom and ity.


Cannabis shows up more times than the word JOBS.

That sums up the Left’s platform, yup.

Dunno, man. That’s pretty steep competition. Eric Swalwell?

That’s Democratic governors are doing in general, holding their people hostage for money and political power.

It is the Show Me State.



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