This bit from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer telling her constituents to vote for Biden if they want to go back to church sounds an awful lot like a threat to this editor.

Or at the very least, a bribe.

Gretchen really is just awful.

From RedState:

Whitmer told host Chuck Todd that lockdowns and COVID restrictions can end if Americans just vote for Joe Biden. The governor, who has become one of the faces of hypocritical lockdowns for the Left over the last few months, insinuated that Trump doesn’t care that 220,000 people have died so far from COVID and that 8 million positive COVID tests have been logged so far.

Notice that I didn’t say “cases.” There’s no indication that just because we’ve administered 8 million tests that 8 million individual people were tested, or that even a fraction of those people were ever even symptomatic.


She also insinuated that the real victims of the lockdowns are the heroes who are staying closed and staying home indefinitely and that Trump and anyone who wants to get back to living their American lives are, in fact, inciting violence.

She’ll get you my pretty, and your little freedom too!

There’s a reason her handiwork was overturned.

They think their base is stupid.

And they’re not wrong.

Pretty much.

But it was always about saving lives, ya’ know.



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