Forbes did an entire article about how the Proud Boys are allegedly FURIOUS that gay men have taken over the #ProudBoys hashtag on Twitter. Now, as you know dear reader, we spend most of our days scouring Twitter and we’ve gotta say, this hasn’t come across our radar.

Like at all.

Plenty of tweets featuring Proud Boys chair Enrique Tarrio making a fool of the yahoos accusing them of being white supremacists, but nothing about their hashtag.

We suppose the media are gonna media …

Yeah, not seeing it.

Luckily, Andy Ngô took it upon himself to reach out to Tarrio directly to ask him (since it appears Forbes didn’t bother to do that).

Not furious.

Don’t care.

Yeah yeah yeah, we know, this sort of ruins this new narrative about how the Proud Boys are homophobic or whatever but it’s just not true.


It’s far too easy for the media to create a narrative around the organization when they aren’t out there telling the masses who they really are.

They do seem sort of busy to be worried about a hashtag on Twitter.

Pink Guns will blow their MINDS.




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