Who here thinks David French would be rallying against Republicans filling RBG’s seat if it were ANY OTHER Republican president making the nomination?

Yeah, we don’t think so either.

This just seems like so much virtue signaling which is honestly so disappointing.

Guy Benson was good enough to put together a thread explaining why David is off the mark here.

ZERO comparisons between the GOP doing their Constitutional duty and Dem’s threatening to hurt the country if they don’t get their way. Why anyone would call for Republicans to bend the knee to a bunch of Democrats who tried to ruin a man’s life to keep him from sitting on the SCOTUS is beyond us.


Guy manages to stay polite throughout … impressive.

He’s being very fair here.


They’d be screaming about Putin and calling Trump LITERALLY HITLER and a total authoritarian.

It’s all so damn tiresome.

Not exactly the norms Guy seems all that concerned about.

He responded.

Not even.

Because he’s wrong.



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