Everyone always thinks Saira Rao is a parody … and with good reason.

This is the sort of crazy you expect from someone mocking the Left and the Social Justice Movement, not a real person. But then again, if you have paid any attention to what’s happening in this country right now, Saira fits right in.

Like this nonsense:

Because you know, segregation is GOOD.



Live and let live.

Mind your own business.

If you don’t like something don’t read, watch, or look at it.

You know, the basics of adulting.

Just when you think they can’t get any nuttier.


Psst … this account actually IS a parody.

Brilliant, right?

And all orange writers are only allowed to write for orange characters and all purple writers are only allowed to write purple characters.

Yes, it’s stupid but this is her basic train of thought.

Should be a parody, but it’s not.



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