Gosh, maybe it’s just us but this doesn’t seem like a movement that actually cares much about ‘justice’. Trying to block and breach the hospital where two Los Angeles county deputies who were shot and ambushed by some POS are fighting for their lives?

Guess they really don’t like that ‘all lives matter.’

This thread follows their actions, watch:

Where two of America’s most notorious gang members …


They were on traffic duty but ok.

Keep going.

Oink oink.

Folks, if you’re watching these videos in public at all you might want to put on some headphones or use your earbuds.

Lots and lots of ‘language’.

That’s how you die, one-by-one.

BLM … aka Biden Likes Mobs.

Yes, they are escorting you jacka*ses from the scene.

Deal with it.

There are a few more videos but to be honest it’s just the same group of people complaining that the police wouldn’t let them breach a hospital. If you want to watch a bunch of whining and complaining that they weren’t allowed to harass people at a hospital the entire thread is on Twitter.

But this editor wasn’t interested in giving them a platform to complain.



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