As Twitchy readers know, Biden wandered out of his basement and even OUT OF HIS HOUSE to make a speech blaming Trump for all of the violence that is taking place in Democratically-run cities. Guess those internal polls looked REALLY bad, eh? The speech was about as ridiculous as we’ve come to expect from Biden considering he likely has no idea what the Hell he’s even saying when he gives them.

He just reads the teleprompter.

Dan Bongino was good enough to sum the entire speech up … and he only needed one tweet to do it.

Democrats have gotten really, really, really good at never taking the blame or being accountable for ANYTHING, even when we have plenty of receipts.

They haven’t given him much time, which is probably more about what Biden wants versus what the networks want.

It was tapioca time.


That’s adorable.

When was the last time Sleepy Joy took questions from the press?

Give them time, we’re sure they’ll figure out a way.

And all too predictable.

Dan nailed it.



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