One of the defining features of people like Amanda Marcotte is their impressive ability to project like a MOFO when it comes to trashing people they disagree with. As we’ve pointed out before, people on the Right think people on the Left are people with bad ideas. People on the Left think people on the right are just bad people.

Look a this gobbledygook:

Considering all of the work Trump has done for minorities since taking office we’re thinking he’s a pretty lousy racist but hey, whatever helps Amanda and her 50 cats sleep at night.

It’s amazing, yes?

And not in a good way.

Proof is readily available if so.

She really is horrible.

What we find really funny is anyone who supports Joe Biden accusing Trump of being a racist.

The man authored one of the most racist crime bills in history, fought desegregation, and one of his mentors was an actual Exalted Cyclops in the Klan.

But sure, oRaNgE mAn Bad.



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