The media is jumping through some serious hoops today trying to pretend the first night of the Democratic National Convention wasn’t a total crap-fest of cringe. But it was. Any person with a working brain could see that … especially that closing video. Yikes.

Considering this piece comes from WaPo we suppose the whole ‘working brain’ things goes OUT the window.

From WaPo:

You don’t usually need to market normal. But on the first night of the Democratic National Convention, that was the most powerful element of the party’s pitch: Vote for Joe Biden, a regular guy, and you can have some semblance of your everyday life back.

As politics, that’s a modest pitch. But as television, the convention did something impressive: It made ordinary life feel within reach again.

The Democratic Party is responsible for so much of what feels abnormal that reading this piece is almost infuriating. Ordinary life?


Democrats would let this country burn as long as they can get the power back but sure, Joe is just a friendly old guy who can relate to ordinary people.

What a crock.

Totally normal.



We’re sorry too.


Don’t look at us, man, we just work here.

WaPo is gonna WaPo … but this is just sad.



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