Ugh, Governor Cuomo is just the worst.

Pretending he didn’t do everything in his power to cancel the Sept 9/11 Memorial from taking place so he could play the COVID IS KILLING US ALL card to hurt Trump and the rest of the country’s morale? Awful.

He didn’t get his way (thank God) and now he’s pretending he’s doing all he can to make sure it happens?

Seriously, the worst.

Except ol’ Andy was happy to forget until New Yorkers lit him TF up.

Cherished tradition UNLESS of course there is some political narrative to push during an election year, right Andy?

What a jagoff.

Janice Dean dropped him.


In fact, she dropped him so hard he bounced and got dropped again.

DeBlowsio. That totally sounds like something this editor’s father-in-law would have come up with.


Gold star.

He’s such a nob.

‘Nuff said.



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