When we ‘wake up’ and see James Woods trending it usually means one of two things. Either Twitter has once again locked James’ account for being too honest and direct OR he’s enraged the Left in some way. This morning, James is trending because his tweet ‘rallying the troops’ to get out there and support the president apparently got Trump’s attention.

Trump and James Woods in one tweet … and the Lefties go BOOM.

Seriously, they lost their minds.

Sure he did.


Classy, right?

They disagree with me so they shouldn’t be able to comment.

Gotta love these people.

Oh, wait, no you don’t.

Because you know, Jeff is so important and someone we all take seriously.


And all because he supports Trump.

It’s like Trump has pointed out many times, they don’t just hate him. They hate anyone who supports him.

The one where people keep more of what they earn, actually have good jobs, and feel safe in their homes?




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