Remember when these ‘protests’ started they were about George Floyd and the inequities in our social justice system? You know, the whole Black Lives Matter thing?

Seems that has gone out the window:

Guess they didn’t notice her BLM sign?

She also tried to put a fire out.

They didn’t like that either.

Real winners, eh?

And it wasn’t just her …

Look at how they treat the elderly.

This is what Portland has turned into.

Where TF is Ted Wheeler?

Oh, that’s right, he’s busy trying to appease these thugs so he can complain about the mean ol’ feds coming in to help.

oRaNgE mAn BaD


Right? Where are the decent people?


It’s a ‘protest.’

Never mind.

They are far too busy fighting amongst themselves about racial inequity.

Sooner than later.

Portland is what this country would look like under Biden. Sorry, not sorry.



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