There are some tweets you come across on your timeline and think to yourself, ‘Self, probably a good idea just to ignore whatever the heck this is about,’ but then you remind yourself you’re a Twitchy editor and it’s literally your job to read the stuff other people may not want to read.

Like this tweet from RedSteeze about the one, the only, the unhinged, Cheri Jacobus.

We’ll put this in our ‘things we need never have thought about, EVER’ column.


But wait, there’s more.


Yikes again.

We don’t even know where to begin with this sort of batsh*t and keep in mind, we cover AOC pretty regularly.


Meanwhile, she’s claiming it’s Steeze who is obsessed.


Because you know, Steeze is such a huge Trump supporter.

And a white supremacist journalist … or something.




He’s neither of those things.

You know what? We’ve … we’ve got nothing.



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