You know the face you make when you find out your local school board is useless as t*ts on a bull and has decided to open the schools in an all-virtual environment in the fall even though the science and data prove that’s completely unnecessary?

Yup, just made that face.

It is Portland we’re talking about, right? Sheesh.

From NBC News:

The Republican silence on what’s happening in Portland is jarring: If you’ve followed American politics over the last 10 years, you might be surprised that Republicans are more outraged at Liz Cheney than they are federal armed agents that just tear-gassed a city’s mayor.

What happened to “Don’t tread on me”?

What happened to states’ rights?

What happened to freedom of speech and assembly?

It’s easy to understand in our current politics why elected Republicans aren’t speaking out against the Department of Homeland Security forces in liberal, urban Portland. (Sen. Rand Paul is one exception.)

But if you lived through the Obama Era, this Republican silence is jarring.


We suppose if NBC News wants the president to ignore these cities burning that’s on them.

Wow, what a stupid write-up.

Like a stupid write-up would walk past this stupid write-up and say, ‘DAMN, that’s stupid.’

Sorry, not sorry, it’s apparent Trump cares more about their constituents than any of these poor, targeted, put-upon mayors do.

They’re still calling them ‘protesters.’


When they start setting buildings on fire and beating people up they stop being protesters. This ain’t rocket science.


Exactly. What should Republicans do to help fix another mess the Democrats made.




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