So are these teachers saying they’re not essential? Asking for a friend.

From Buzzfeed:

This spring, a teacher in Dallas was invited to the high school graduation of the first class of students she had taught when she became a teacher a little over a decade ago — but the ceremony was canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. Now, just a couple months later, facing an uncertain plan for reopening schools, she’s applying for jobs in the private sector and considering quitting teaching altogether.

“At this point, if anybody were to offer me something, I would rather do that than risk my health,” she said.

Typically, the Dallas-based teacher, who requested anonymity to protect her job, teaches 25 elementary-age students in a small classroom with windows that don’t open. She has major reservations about going back, but in Texas, where cases of the coronavirus are surging and some hospitals are running out of beds, it’s illegal for teachers to strike, and those who break their contracts can lose their teaching certification altogether.

We get what they’re trying to do here but all the article has done is piss a lot of people off.

It was ok to ask grocers, retail workers, delivery drivers, meat packers, doctors, nurses, truck drivers, and other essential employees to choose between their jobs and their lives? This is the only essential group getting this sort of ‘poor them’ treatment.


Wait, that’s not true.

It’s very real.


It’s almost like Buzzfeed was trying to make them look bad.


To be fair though, there are plenty of teachers online saying otherwise:

Too bad the loudest teachers complaining for the unions are drowning out the others.

Heated topic to be sure – let’s hope our kids don’t pay the price while the adults figure it out.



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