The irony of Brian Stelter quoting Mary Trump’s book where she writes about her mother calling Donald a clown.

Maybe he’s projecting, just a little.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, Brian.

Ladies and gents, what you’re about to see is called a ‘digital wedgie,’ and it’s something RedSteeze is actually quite adept at performing, especially when it comes to dealing with potatoes like Tater.

Awww yes, because that’s what Brian was doing when anyone would try and talk about something stupid going on with Democrats or the Left.

He continued.

Guess not.

Right? They seem to think this book is a big deal but it really just comes across as petty gossip.

Sort of like CNN.

True story.

We laughed so maybe?

And that really includes Brian Stelter more and more. Whatever will become of Tater if he can’t b*tch about Trump and Fox News 24/7?



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