Talia Lavin is best known for misidentifying an ICE agent as a Nazi over one of his tattoos and being so embarrassingly wrong she ended up quitting her job.

So you know, we should totally take her quip about Andy Ngo seriously.

Or not.

How does calling out and shining a light on Antifa thugs make Ngo a threat to our communities?

These people are so exhausting.

Oh, and about that one guy Talia misidentified as a Nazi?


From The New York Post:

The fact-checker for the New Yorker who mistook a Marine veteran’s tattoo for a Nazi symbol has resigned, saying the “small mistake” has ruined her life.

Talia Lavin is out of a job following her June 18 tweet that caused mass outrage.

“I feel like I made a small mistake and it’s destroyed my life,” she told New York Magazine’s The Cut.

Lavin’s since-deleted tweet was about Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent Justin Gaertner, whom she falsely accused of having a tattoo of the Nazis’ Iron Cross.

But the ink, ICE later explained, is really of a “Titan 2” symbol for his platoon when he served in Afghanistan.

Lavin posted a mea culpa on Twitter last week and announced she quit her job.

Alrighty then.

Because it is.

Yup, nice try.



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