We have never thought more about the story of the boy who cried wolf than we have over the past four years since Trump took office. At this point, we’ve lost count of the number of anonymous sources, sources familiar with the situation, and unnamed officials who have magically ‘leaked’ a story to the legacy media that would somehow END TRUMP’S PRESIDENCY.

Like this new SCANDAL from the New York Times that claims the US had intelligence that Russia was paying militants to kill US and allied troops and Trump didn’t do anything about it.

Or something.

Or, and hear us out, this is complete bullsh*t and nobody told anybody about it except some ‘anonymous source’ telling the NYT.

Good ol’ Ted Lieu was front and center shaking his little fist at the administration, and for whatever reason tried to call out Richard Grenell.

They never learn.

Damn, he’s obnoxious.

Richard handled him just fine, though.

Lieu understands, he just knows most Americans do not, and if he can use that ignorance to attack Trump so be it.

So one news outlet verified another news outlet and that’s their proof?

Holy crap.

They are SO desperate.

Not to mention DNI already debunked this story:

But hey, nice try New York Times.

And another nice fail on the books.

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