Hey guys, they figured out Democrats have always been the racists and are finally starting to take THEIR names off buildings … like Woodrow Wilson who was a boil on the butt of humanity.

Oh, and a flaming racist and horrible president BUT you knew that.

Ted Cruz was more than happy to remind the Twittersphere which party Woodrow represented:

Now usually you’ll see a bunch of morons arguing that the parties MAGICALLY SWITCHED PLACES and that Woodrow would be a Republican now because MUH RACISM but shockingly, one of their own elected officials was good enough to admit Woodrow was indeed a Democrat.

And likened him to their party today.

Granted, that official was Eric ‘Farts a Lot’ Swalwell and he was saying something horrible about Cruz’s wife which means his admission was an accident because he’s just not that bright but we’ll take it.

Poor Eric. In his desperation to dunk on Ted he accidentally just admitted the parties did not magically switch places over the years … hey man, thanks. We do indeed get tired of debunking that ridiculous argument time and time again.

You’re a pal.

He will never, ever live that down.

Ain’t it great?

It’s what they do best ya’ know.



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