The media are working overtime to try and pretend John Bolton’s tell-all book is a legitimate criticism of the president because they’re simple-minded, sad, empty vessels looking for any and all ways to remove Trump after failing at it for nearly four years now.

Oops, we said the quiet part out loud.

Our bad.

For example, the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman must’ve thought this was clever … because surely she’s not this dense.

But Mollie Hemingway was good enough to point out, it’s not clever.

Or endearing.

Or all that thought-provoking, even.

What Mollie said.

Fair point. She does work for the New York Times.

And Mollie knows that.

Which is what makes this dunk even better.

They’re probably still trying to find the pee tapes.

We think she’s dropping her.

Quite well at that.



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