The only reason we knew it was definitely Sunday was that there was a ridiculous tweet from S.E. Cupp floating around on our timeline this morning. We mentioned this last week, that she somehow always tweets something Twitchy-worthy on Saturday nights …

And last night was no exception.

Been saying it for months. And it probably should trend. There is something in the water at CNN: #SECuppIsBroken

She also tagged the Lincoln Project which says so much and ain’t none of it good.

They endorsed BIDEN and clearly he is not well but you know, ORANGE MAN BAD.


Word again.

Keep pretending she’s a libertarian?

It’s what she does best these days, unfortunately.

Biden is clearly struggling on many fronts and has zero business coming anywhere close to the White House, and if you point this out you’re a big meanie but it’s totally ok for Cupp and other yahoos to make fun of Trump and his health.

2020 just keeps getting crappier … happy Sunday!



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