How DARE Ted Cruz call the American Taliban the American Taliban!

When either public or private property starts getting destroyed they are no longer protesters, they are rioters. And this level of destruction is very much akin to terrorizing communities … and while it may seem a bit harsh to call these yahoos the American Taliban we get where Cruz is coming from.

The only tweep who makes frothy lefties angrier than Cruz is Trump.


Well, and maybe Dana Loesch.

Look at this mess:

Because tearing down statues changes anything about our past.



It amazes us that the people who post this nonsense are able to tie their own shoes every day.

Then again, maybe they’re not.

See what we mean?

Columbus was a looter?

Well, then you’d think Antifa would be big fans.

And on, and on, and on.

They are angry at Ted for being way too honest.

Guess the truth hurts.



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