As Twitchy readers know, Trump quite directly told Gov. Jay Inslee to get his poop in a group when it comes to the little socialist/anarchist/communist/ terrorist (whatever) commune ‘country’ that couldn’t in Seattle. He pointed out what the rest of the country and world can see, that the people in this new ‘country’ are taunting both the governor and the mayor.

In other words, they’ve lost complete control of their own city and state which is NOT a great look.

Guess Jay didn’t like Trump offering to step in and fix it if he wouldn’t or couldn’t.

OH NO! A typo.

Gosh, Jay. We’re pretty sure a governor who has lost control of his state is a far bigger train wreck than the president making a typo in a tweet.

Call us crazy but you’d think he’d be more concerned about anarchists occupying city property and strongarming citizens who live there.

But you know, orange man bad.

Just yesterday he claimed he didn’t even know it was happening.

Again, not a great look.

But HEY, Trump had a typo in a tweet! That’s what’s important here ya’ know.

Ding ding ding.

Wow, when you put it that way it’s even more embarrassing and shameful. A bunch of vegans?!

This guy thought he could beat Trump in the 2020 election.

Keep that in mind.

Pay attention and vote carefully.

What he said.