Is it our imagination or does it seem like John Brennan really REALLY really wants to get rid of President Trump? Surely it has nothing to do with what has been going on behind the scenes with Richard Grenell declassifying documents like crazy so Americans can see exactly how dirty and sneaky (and criminal?) the Deep State has been.

And of course, John is a big ol’ part of that stinky Deep State.

John has all but admitted he was a communist.

John has lied to Congress.

Don’t be John.

That too.

It sounds to us like he’s trying to stoke the fires and keep people angry while complaining that Trump isn’t doing enough to ‘heal’ the nation.

Or whatever.

He’s just a suck-hole.


Totally believe them.


Ok, for whatever reason this visual actually made this editor laugh out loud.

Tick tock, John Boy.

And get bent.



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