You guys remember The Bulwark, right? The site founded by a bunch of tantrum-throwing Never Trumpers who pretend they’re somehow conserving conservatism by supporting and even endorsing Joe Biden.

Yes, the same Joe Biden who has been accused of sexual assault and whose accuser has far more evidence than Kavanaugh’s accuser ever did?

Welp, seems they have taken the latest pathetic talking point of comparing COVID to Vietnam to blame Trump for American deaths and run with it.

They just keep out-stupiding themselves.

From The Bulwark:

Seen in this light, the most damning aspect of the Vietnam war wasn’t the casualty count—as bad as it was. And it wasn’t the mission: However misunderstood it has become over the decades, the idea of containing communist expansion might have been imprudent or poorly executed, but it was not crazy.

No, the signature problem of the Vietnam war was that it was a glaring failure of American political leadership—and the first failure of America’s military establishment.

Hey, we told you this was stupid.

Manipulative BS.

Sounds about right.

But Trump!

As you can see, this went well.

Or not.



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