Look out Rachel Maddow, it seems your pal Chris Hayes is working overtime to become the most annoying talking head on MSNBC.

Seriously, we read a LOT of stupid threads but this one … wowza. This is impressively stupid and tone-deaf, which ultimately makes sense since he works for MSNBC.

Take a gander:

Psh, we don’t see a Democrat being president for a long time, Chris.

Hey, just being honest.

Taking care of your country in a pandemic crisis is very different from giving out free healthcare and college, ya’ nob.


We saw Right-Wing Attack open for Saucy Beavers in 99.

He’s only saying this because he’s a partisan hack.

If that soon.

There ya’ go!

No, not really.

But we do point and laugh at him quite a bit.

Chris, this was bad even for MSNBC, dude.



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