Pretty sure we discovered ‘Karen Zero’ (you know, like Patient Zero) yesterday during Trump’s cage match.

Sorry, his Monday COVID taskforce presser.

Look out, Jim Acosta, CBS’ Paula Reid is gunning for your ‘most annoying and obnoxious journo’ spot in the press; she was awful. Asking gross questions, talking over the president … can you imagine the fit the Left would have thrown if a journo spoke to Obama as she did to Trump?

She epitomized everything the majority of this country has begun to hate about the media so OF COURSE, we had to go check out her Twitter feed and it was as sad as we expected. Especially this little nugget:

We’ll take, ‘Things That Didn’t Happy’ for $2000, Alex.

Doesn’t sound like anyone else believed her story either:

She just kept talking over the driver, ‘Are you driving this Uber voluntarily?!’


It was pretty damn embarrassing.

That’s the real division.

The media.

What she said.

Sadly, most of them are these days.

Until journos like Paula start reporting and stop campaigning this won’t ever get any better, so she can spare us the virtue-signaling about ‘unity’.



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