Full transparency, when this editor first started writing this piece on the #BidenHaikus Twitter trend it was all pretty damn funny … but looking through it now it’s just a bunch of really pissed off Bernie supporters writing horrible things about the Democrat’s pick to beat Trump.

We thought there would be more word salad and less ‘die Biden die,’ but we were wrong.

This makes it even more important to cover though because it shows a clear division on the Left that isn’t going away any time soon.

Good luck with that, DNC.

It’s always interesting when any sort of haiku trends because you find yourself counting syllables on your fingers.


Sorta funny but sorta not.

Well damn, that’s not funny.

See what we mean?

Ok, the notion that he can’t find his pants is sorta funny but yeah … yikes.

We’re getting the sense that Biden isn’t really all that popular even with the Left.

Democrats sure can pick ’em.

Ok, that was funny.

Whoa. That’s deep, man.




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