Adam Housley’s thread on what the U.S. is doing to ‘absolutely investigate the Chinese claims about the origin of COVID-19’ is a pretty encouraging read for Americans.

And perhaps a terrifying one if you’re China.

Take a look.

But we have been informed by ChiCom propaganda, the Left, and the media that no matter WHAT, COVID-19 is Trump’s fault and we should blame him and America.

You guys remember December, right? How Democrats were soooo concerned about the virus? Oh wait, that’s not it, they were busy trying to impeach the president with their silly and useless articles of impeachment.

Nancy Pelosi even had her cute littles pens made up for the idiots to sign off on them in the House.

Remember this in November, folks.

China better hope it’s the second theory because if America finds out this was deliberate in any way? Yeah, we’re thinking that would be very, very bad for China.

Better get your ‘bats’ all in a row, China.



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