We didn’t think it was possible but we’re starting to think Brian Stelter might eventually out-‘Dear Diary’ his CNN cohort Jim Acosta. Take this tweet for example … he does realize millions of Americans have been doing this very thing for the past month already, right? Could Tater be any more out of touch?

Good ol’ Brian, doing his part to make everyone panic and feel even more hopeless about what we could be facing as a country. If Hillary had won he’d probably be tweeting about how he plans to get back to work sooner than later but you know, orange man bad and stuff.

This didn’t go over quite like Brian thought it would though:

If anyone is non-essential it’s the traditional media.

Good point.

That’s what he does anyway, right?

When you spend so much time spinning reality it just sort of sneaks up on ya.

Dear Diary,

Fox News is full of big ol’ poopie heads!



See, it could work.



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