One effed-up narrative that’s worked its disgusting way into the corporate media since the Coronavirus made its debut months ago is the passive-aggressive ‘cheering’ on of the virus as a means to dunk on and hate Trump. You could see it yesterday when news broke that America was the number one country for cases of Coronavirus (only if you believe the propaganda from China but that’s a different story), and when people pointed out why that wasn’t really a big deal because our mortality rate is so low the media started talking about how the mortality rate is likely higher because not everyone has been tested.

It’s gross.

They’re gross.


Welp, Greg Gutfeld was good enough to drag them with both hands:

Get ’em, Greg.

Creeps and cretins.

We agree.


No, we won’t.

And we won’t let them forget either.

More and more people are seeing it, yup.

Because we can’t have GOOD NEWS. Duh.

Otherwise, Trump’s economy won’t fail and then he’ll win reelection or something.

Man, we wish were kidding.

It’s like this person was psychic.



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