You guys remember Evan McMuffin … sorry, McMullin, right?

The guy who couldn’t even win his home state in 2016 and has since proven himself to be nothing more than a raving, nonsensical blue-check troll. Sorry, but only a troll would tweet something this absolutely awful.

Thanks for reminding us how truly gross you are, Evan. We’d all but forgotten about you.

Granted, he’s just following along the new narrative this morning, that Trump wants to sacrifice seniors because he wants America to get back to work. CNN wrote an entire article about it and even now, #GOPDeathPanels is trending on Twitter. We find ourselves more and more asking, ‘What the Hell is wrong with these people?’

And then we remind ourselves more and more we really don’t want to know.

They are attacking Trump for not wanting our economy to crumble and our country to fail.

No words.



And we’re going to guess no on both accounts.

Vile, lying piece of garbage.

Sums him up nicely.



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