This is such an odd feeling.

Writing a story on Twitchy actually giving kudos to Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Who’da thought she would be someone willing to put politics aside right now and focus on helping Americans as a united people? Admit it, you’re as shocked as we are.

Look at this:

We had to read and then re-read her tweet to make sure we were reading it correctly.

We were.

And now … we’re giving Ilhan kudos.

These are strange times we’re living in, folks.

Yup, our jaws did just completely drop to the floor.

It’s not often that we’re SHOCKED in this way.

To be honest, this editor doesn’t know quite what to say.

See what we mean?


Ilhan, blink twice if you’re being held against your will.


We are in awe.

It’s so rare right now. Far too many people in politics and in the media want to play political games … and that Ilhan is actually behaving as an elected official for once is … well, it’s encouraging. Maybe we’re NOT all that divided when it comes down to caring about the survival of our nation and our people.




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