In case you were wondering, yes, Jennifer Rubin has officially jumped all the sharks.

All of them.

On what planet did this seem like a good thing to ‘write’?

From WaPo:

And, make no mistake, unlike Republicans who still live in the Fox News world of make-believe, Democrats are fully aware of the coronavirus crisis. (Disclaimer: I am a contributor to MSNBC.) While about 53 percent of voters are at least somewhat concerned about the coronavirus, “60 percent think that the worst is yet to come.” But it is Democrats who have clearly grasped the magnitude of the problem.


If this gap affects behavior, Republicans may take fewer precautions for themselves and their loved ones. To be blunt, Trump’s nonchalant attitude, amplified by Fox News, may contribute to real suffering among Republicans.

Classy as always.

That’s an insult to clowns everywhere.

She is.

What they said. ^



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